Foxcefs Energy prides itself in a robust HSE policy for both our staffs and our working envitonment. The company maintains a very high standard in the enforcement of health and safety policies so as to ensure that all our employee work in safe and healthy environments. Staff are trained and continuously retrained in areas bordering on safety and health as contained in our company’s safety manual with emphasis on:
1. Continuous identification of all accident causes.
2. Control of accident causes.
3. Minimization of accident losses.
Foxcefs’ approach to HSE issues on construction projects and other operational issues extends beyond mere mouth sayings to total practical compliance which cannot be compromised. Our HSE personnel’s’ commitment to implement and execute sound HSE practices is reflected in everything the company does. Foxcefs’ safety performance is exceptional, especially in considering the complexity of its projects and the demanding conditions in which they are executed. The company’s outstanding safety performance not only protects lives but also benefits clients in terms of increased productivity and cost effectiveness. It also reduces work hazards to the barest minimum possible. Foxcefs often executes projects in locations where safe work practices are unknown. Our managers and employees work with local subcontractors’ sustainability and resources to help them learn new skills in construction techniques in the best conducive hazard free work environment within the operational areas.


It is the policy of Foxcefs Energy to conduct business in a manner that:
1. Continuously pursues innovation in the delivery of quality products and services, meeting or exceeding the requirements of our customers within applicable regulatory policies.
2. Maintains an efficient and effective quality management system that continuously provides the resources to consistently and uniformly ensure achievement of quality objectives that encourages ongoing communication and enhances productivity.
3. Continuously improves the effectiveness of the quality management system through the review of our quality policy, quality objectives and customer feedback, responding to the results of internal and external audits, customer and employee feedback, and implementation of corrective and preventive action.


Acquisition of knowledge makes wise. Thus at foxcef energy, we believe in impartation of knowledge by training and re training of our staff in order to acquire more knowledge that will make them more informed and skilful on current issues, methods and techniques as regards our operations.